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Kolbrún Áslaugar Baldursdóttir – CV in English

Kolbrún Áslaugar Baldursdóttir, born in 1959, has been a licensed psychologist since 1992. Kolbrún studied Social and Personality Psychology in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. She has worked within the welfare system in Iceland, in Child Protection Services, providing counsel, assistance and therapy for children and adolescents. Along with other work, Kolbrún has run her own private practice since 1993. During the last seven years she has also worked as a school psychologist, and now provides psychological services and counseling in two elementary schools. Kolbrún is also a licensed teacher and has teaching experience on all school levels. During an eight-year period she participated in a wage-bargaining committee within the Trade Union of Psychologists in Iceland and was the chairman of the union for a couple of years. At that time she taught a course in negotiation and bargaining techniques. Kolbrún has written numerous articles on various psychological matters. Many have been published in the major local newspapers and magazines as well as on websites. Amongst them are articles on upbringing and communication techniques and techniques regarding prevention of bullying. She has also written articles on how to solve bullying cases that come up in schools, different situations in the field of sports and other social activities, as well as in workplaces in general. The book NO MORE by Kolbrún, which is a manual on how to prevent and deal with bullying, has recently been published. NO MORE has been sold to schools and various social organizations where children come together to study, engage in sports activities, religious activities or play. Lecturing, both in Reykjavík and the countryside, has been a large part of Kolbrún’s work from the beginning of her career. The subjects she mostly elaborates on are communication in families, problem-solving techniques and teaching children to engage in problem-solving thinking. She also discusses how parents and those who work with children in school, sports and various youth programs can find ways to help children make use of their skills, personal strength and intelligence to become more capable of succeeding in different challenging situations. Kolbrún has been the Chairman of the Board for Save the Children in Iceland since May 2012. She is currently working at a Local Health Center in Breiðholt together with running a private practice í Álfabakka 12, Mjóddinni í Reykjavík.

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